Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) for novel training solutions

A VR training tool for first responders, targeting recently evolving needs and addressing the key challenges of traditional methods.

Dashboards for advanced visual analytics

Advanced visual analytics based on state of the art machine learning algorithms in personalised dashboards.

Machine learning suite

A collection of machine learning - dep learning solutions and network architectures that can be used for classification, regression or anomaly detection problems. Offers an interactive user interface, allowing users to design and build their own models without advanced knowledge on machine learning.

Our Vision

Founded by a group of distinguished scientists in leading machine learning technologies and developers on AR/VR applications, the team at 0 infinity is redefining the boundaries of data & visual analytics through structured innovation, that efficiently extracts personalised recommendations for customers and businesses.

Our Team

The leadership team comprises world-class recognisable researchers in Computer Science with high academic ranks, experienced developers for AR/VR applications, boasting a total collective experience of more than 40 years in machine learning & artificial intelligence, as well as game development and computer vision at the highest level.

Open Positions

If you are involved in research and innovation and believe you can contribute to 0 infinity, you can apply for a position by contacting us. Related academic and research experience required.

  • AR/VR Scientist - Ref: RESPONDA01 [20-07-2020]
  • AI Scientist - Ref: SDN02 [06-01-2020]
  • ML Scientist - Ref: CARAMEL01 [03-12-2019]
  • AI Scientist - Ref: SDN01 [06-08-2019]